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Whats on offer?



1:1 sessions covering anything from strength and resistance training to kickboxing and running.


The benefit of a 1:1 session is that each session is tailored to your specific goals. Although the sessions are goal focused, they are designed to be fun too.  Every session is different to keep you interested and motivated.


Based on information you provided during an initial consultation I create a sustainable training plan and offer free anthropometric measurements every 4 weeks to track your progress.


Personal training is more effective than training on your own and you will see long term changes.


Running schedules and on-line training can also be provided.

            GROUP TRAINING


Prefer training with a friend?  Then group personal training might be for you.  The sessions are similar to 1:1 sessions but in a larger group!


The sessions vary from week to week to keep it interesting and challenging. Working in a group can help to push you more than working alone, the presence of others often means you get more out of your workout.


All the sessions are scalable so that everyone of all fitness levels and ages can take part - no excuses!


Group personal training does not focus on your personal goals but offers an affordable and fun training session which targets many areas of fitness.


I also run a circuits class once a week - also a really good training session and great fun.



As a nutritionist I offer a range of services to get you eating healthily be it to lose body fat, gain energy or to help with a medical condition.


I offer 1:1 nutritional consultancy, where we talk about current diet and goals.  I then go away and complete a detailed analysis of your dietary habits and formulate a nutritional plan for you to follow.


Supermarket trips are useful to help you chose the correct foods or even cooking lessons to help make the most of your leftovers!


I am also happy to deliver talks to groups.


I believe eating healthily should be achievable for everyone, and I aim to give you the tools and knowledge to make long-term healthy choices.

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