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Nutrition Consulation - What is is all about?

The first month:


- An hour’s 1:1 consultation - looking at and talking about your current eating habits. Basic suggestions there and then of suggestions.  Discussions about your relationship with food, likes, dislikes, current lifestyle including working hours/type of job, commitments, time to cook and anything else relevant.


- Body composition analysis – use of the Tanita to measure body fat (segmental as well as internal fat), muscle mass, metabolic age, and body water.  Inch measurements also taken (calf, inner thigh, hips, abs, waist, chest and arm).


- Using your 7-day food diary – I complete a full dietary analysis of your current eating habits.  The report will show any deficiencies, areas of over consumption, where your nutrients are coming from, percentages of macro-nutrients and many other aspects.


- Meal plan and recipes - Using information gathered from the consultation and the report I formulate a meal plan and give recipe suggestions (7 breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks).  The meal plan shows the how the food should be consumed over the day.


- Questions answered - I am then on hand to answer questions as and when needed throughout the month.


- Continued food diary analysis - You send me your food diaries every week and I have a look over them and offer suggestions for continued change.



Subsequent months:


- Re-analyse of body composition – Tanita and inch measurements.


- New meal plan and recipes - Based on changes in body composition I will design another set of meal plans and provide some new recipes.


- Continued food diary analysis on a weekly basis.


- Continued help and support by email or phone.


Extra packages (price on enquiry):


- Shopping trip - to include the explanation of the store layout and psychology of the supermarket


- Cupboard clear out/explanation of foods that they currently use – looking at making changes easily in the home.


- Family or 1:1 cooking lessons in your own home – based on the nutritional outcomes from the food diaries and analysis as well as based around your current time commitments.  Learn how to cook with cheaper ingredients, use leftovers and plan meals.


- Help with planning and budgeting for meals and food shopping – learning how to make the most of the supermarket as well as other local options.  Make the most of the time available to you to provide the best nutritional options.


- Provision of bespoke nutritionally balanced meals and snacks (based on nutritional analysis, your needs and lifestyle).  Delivered to your door on a weekly basis.

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