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Fittamamma Partnership - exercise wear for pregnancy

I am very excited to announce that I have partnered with Fittamamma to be able to offer you a discount on theif fabulous pregnancy exercise wear. You can still still be active and enjoy the benefits of a fit and active pregnancy.

That little plus sign on the pregnancy test does not signal an end to your favourite exercise routine – if anyone suggests you should hang up your trainers, put your gym bag in the back of the cupboard and head for the sofa – don’t listen to them!

Despite so much evidence highlighting the benefits of staying fit and active during pregnancy many people still believe women should take it easy whilst they’re expecting. But regular exercise has heaps of benefits for mother AND baby.

Pregnancy fitness experts FittaMamma say, ‘Exercise can help with all sorts of pregnancy niggles such as lower back pain, tiredness, varicose veins, heartburn or swollen ankles. Keeping active and raising your heartbeat will release those ‘feel good’ endorphins, lift your mood and make it easier to sleep.’

Increasing your fitness levels can make a really positive difference when it comes to labour and help speed up your recovery period as well. Mums-to-be who exercise are less likely to pile on the pounds and find it easier to regain their pre-baby shape more quickly after the birth.

Keeping fit is good for your family too! Research has shown that babies born to active mothers learn more quickly and are less prone to childhood obesity. What’s more, if you’re feeling good about yourself, you’ll have more energy for your baby – it’s win-win all round!’

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends that ‘healthy pregnant women should engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise on most, if not all days of the week’, aiming for at least 150 minutes weekly. The NHS Change4Life campaign agrees, stating: ‘being active during pregnancy means you're likely to maintain a healthier weight and be able to cope better with the physical demands of pregnancy and labour. It also reduces the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, birth defects and diabetes.’

There’s no reason why pregnant women shouldn’t enjoy a whole range of activities such as running, cycling, swimming, yoga and Pilates or working out at home or in the gym - just remember to listen to your body and make sure you know what is safe and sensible. If you don’t already exercise regularly, pregnancy is a great motivator for adopting a more healthy lifestyle and incorporating exercise into your daily routine - even walking for half an hour a day will help to raise your heart beat. The FittaMamma website is full of expert advice about pregnancy exercise if you’re not sure where to start.

And if you need some extra motivation to exercise the stylish new FittaMamma fitnesswear range provides extra support for your bump making any exercise more comfortable and is really flattering too. Treating yourself to some maternity gymwear will make you feel good as well as look good!

Check out FittaMamma’s guidelines for safe exercise in pregnancy:

Stay active but stay safe!

  • Listen to your body – if your workout feels too intense slow down or stop.

  • Don’t overdo it – if you’re not used to exercising regularly start with 15-20 minutes a day and build up your strength.Aim for half an hour a day.

  • If you exercise regularly don’t stop! Just adapt your workouts as your pregnancy progresses

  • Thinking about starting something new? Try swimming, walking or join a pregnancy Pilates or yoga class

  • Stay hydrated! Keep a water bottle handy and take regular sips

  • Stay cool!Expectant mums can overheat quite easily so exercise outdoors if possible and wear moisture-wicking clothes

  • Carry on chatting! Don’t exercise beyond the level where you’re too tired to speak.

  • Dress comfortably.Stretchy well-fitting exercise clothes that support your bump and breasts - such as the FittaMamma range - are ideal

  • Avoid lying on your front after the first trimester and avoid lying on your back after 12 weeks

  • Stay fuelled – don’t exercise on an empty stomach and keep a few energy snacks handy -a banana, dried fruit or nuts are ideal

  • Warm up before you start and cool down afterwards

  • Check with your doctor or midwife if you have any concerns about exercise and what’s best for you

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