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As a mum myself I am very happy to be in  partnership with Fittamamma.

Activewear Range Provides Support For Mammas-to-be.

I used their products throughout my pregnacy (from week 12 ish onwards and can honestly say nothing else compared to the fit, comfort and approrprite support for the growing bump the  products offered.  I had a range of long leggings, 3/4s and tops.  I comfortably ran, taught classes and wore these clothes for general wear and couldnt have been without them.

The officical blurb:

With health experts encouraging women to keep fit during pregnancy and recent research linking exercise to increased brain function in babies, more and more expectant mums are continuing to exercise whilst they’re pregnant.

FittaMamma offer the UK’s only range of stylish and supportive clothes especially designed for mums-to-be who choose to keep active.

Super-flattering the clothes actively support for the bump and feature lots of attention to detail such as soft cotton rich fabrics, ‘CoolDry’ technology for freshness  and flat seams with nothing to rub or irritate.  High elastane content ensures the clothes continue to fit as the pregnancy progresses and regain their shape to look good for postnatal wear too, with many women continuing to wear them long after the birth of their baby.

The unique FittaMamma ‘High Support’ Pregnancy Exercise top provides maximum support, lifting the weight of the bump onto your back and shoulders, improving posture and making any activity more comfortable throughout pregnancy and after the birth.   Stylish and flattering, it works like a sports bra for your bump.  The top is recommended for running or working out and the extra support is also ideal for mums-to-be with backache, pelvic girdle pain or if they’re carrying twins.

The soft, comfortable and stretchy ‘Pregnancy Yoga’ top has a longer length that makes it ideal for yoga (it won’t ride up when you stretch out!) whilst the gorgeous  ‘Pregnancy Workout Top’ provides moderate-level support and comfort throughout pregnancy and is recommended for most fitness activities, from exercise classes or Pilates to cycling or walking.

FittaMamma leggings come with a lovely wide support panel that stretches right over the bump or rolls down underneath and supports your lower back as well as your baby belly.  They are available in full length, a flattering three quarter length Capri, loose yoga pants or cycling shorts.

Positive colours include a lovely deep pink, jet black, steely grey and bright white with softer shades for the ‘Pregnancy Yoga ’ top.

‘Feedback for the range has been overwhelming’ say FittaMamma, ‘Most women find our clothes so comfortable and supportive they rapidly become everyday favourites, not just for exercise. And because they don’t look like maternity clothes they are ideal as exercise or leisurewear after the baby is born too.’

I have a unique offer code for you to use to get a 10% discount off their wonderful products - ADR046

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